Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Our third album has been finished for well over one month, and now it's finally official released. We had to wait for the cover which is made by Adam Jones, and it took some circumstances between. But now it is finally here "The Bioslajmical Monster Frenzies Strikes Back!" A ten-track album full of biochemical horror movie monsters that just dying to get munching on your rotten soul.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


We chose to continue working on another album "Momentum VII - In Vitae Pretenturius", our fifth one in right order, and its concept was something completely new for both of us. Here we tried to work with some Crust Punk mix of Power Violence Grindcore and the lyrical themes was related to underground extreme movie cinema. We ourselves are not quite agree on the end result, but it has so far received good response so we hope that it took off and managed to reach the right audience. We are zeroed right here, but perhaps we continue with something similar in the future? Who knows.

Friday, August 5, 2016


When we finally hand to present our eighth EP "Suck My Spinning Steel, Shithead!" we took our inspiration from Peter Jackson's film classic and made something bizarre and melancholy of it. When we create, we do it with help of emotions and during this period we were very sentimental and the result was therefor very unpleasant and pungent. Here you will find a disgusting variety of The Skankaroos, Jo Hikk, Tony Hawk Meets Green Day and Woods of Infinity. Black Metallish Bluegrass Ska'O'Punk with some vibes of bombastic Ghostbusters. Literally!

Monday, August 1, 2016


Having been finished with all the material for our third full length album for quite a bit of time and we are still waiting for it to be released. This is really frustrating because the waiting is due to something that is out of our hands at the moment. But we decided to do something about it. And that something was to record a fourth full length album that we could release before our third.

Sounds confusing? Not to us. We do as we feel. And we feel strongly about what we do. We wrote, recorded and produced the album ”Punky Funky Kentucky” in only two hours. That is with out doubt the fastest recording we’ve ever done… And if you have followed us you know we are not being lazy with our music producing.

Let me tell you a funny story:
The day before we recorded ”Punky Funky Kentucky” we recorded another full album that all songs vanished from our hard drive. Yes it’s true. All recorded material lost. The musicians worst nightmare. Upset and frustrated to the max we took care of the problem though the following day. Hota style, of course.

By the time you read this we also published a split singel called ”Television Freakshow” that we wrote and recorded together with the lo-fi punkers of the group Hysterical Hyenas.

Did I mention that we also got a secret EP recorded and finished since long as well waiting to be unleashed?

More to come!

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Today we released a sudden and unexpected EP which originally wasn't meant to be. When we were finished with "Invasion of the Flesh Hunters" we would begin a third full-lenght album, which we actually did, but after 3-4 songs we came to realize that the songs we recorded didn't have the right feeling for what we wanted it to be. However, we hadn't the nerve to throw the material so we added a few more days and worked up similar songs to bring together what is now happened to be "The Curse of this Observed Melting Phenomena" which has now been completed since 30th June.

Why it wasn't released at that date was because we had no album-cover. So our friend Jennie Murray took the initiative to complete it and we thank her very much for that. It's an amazing work she came up with and we love it.

To continue, the process of the album never stayed still after this EP. We have spent seven days to record additional 10 songs to be released this week, so stay tuned. \m/

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Look what is finally here, our sixth EP has finally been launched at bandcamp. Now we can calm the storm and start planning for our next month's full-lenght album. Continue to spread our new beauty for so long and we will see you again soon enough.


Friday, June 10, 2016


We're finally finished with our sixth EP. This one is filled with eight crazy tracks about zombies, serial killers, cannibals and post-apocalyptic futures brought to you from the wildest cult-films and our own fantasies. We tried to go back to the sound of our debut but we completely failed. We don't like to do things that have already been done, and that's explains very much why every album has such a variety. But we hope that the new production drops any kind of taste.

We decided to change the program from Garageband to Logic Pro X before we started writing and recording and that's why you hear such a clear difference from previous albums. We develop over time we create, so you never know how things will sound in a year or two - it's a surprise even for us.

Invasion of the Flesh Hunters has been one of the funniest, but also the most intense recordings so far. We wrote and recorded all the eight songs over a period of six days (we had to rest this Thursday to not fall apart) but we put everything in good time to the present.

Sadly enough, the cover artwork by illustrator Eddie Karlsson will not be finished quite yet and we want to wait to drop everything before we have it in hand. Until then, have a taste of what's about to come: