Monday, March 21, 2016


Yeah, it's finally here, our second fullenght album, a tribute to the french director Jean Rollin. We started out our first song in March 3rd and got finished in March 19th. We were four days late, unfortunately, because of technical problems and such things during the journey. But it went out pretty smoothly - we're only humans, right? This time we had two guest musicians playing banjo, accordion and flute, and we are grateful for that. Without Filip and Pontus the album had not received the final result. And the album coverart was speed-painted by Tim Norstedt as usual. We apologize if we burn you out Tim, but we love the work you are carrying to us. We don't really know when the album gets a physical release. Right now we are focusing on getting our debut released before we take hold of these things. But we'll keep you posted, and until then you can always listen to it from our bandcamp: