Sunday, March 27, 2016


We would like to tell you some trivia about our first EP - as well as the reason behind why we recorded it. The thing is that everything we have recorded, from the debut "Now They Are Everywhere! There Is No Escape" until our third EP "A.I.D.S." we haven't had access to a real microphone. All vocals you hear is recorded from a laptop and a smart phone. We thought that we wanted to improve our production by ordering a real microphone - but the problem was that none of us had financial assets to do so. But Greigh came up with the great idea that why not make a EP which we sell as a kind crowdfunding to afford the new microphone? No further talk about that, we did it. We wrote and recorded five songs in a five day process and one week later it was physically released through our current record label Black Lion Productions.

We chose to print 30 copies of them, because that would cover the printing costs and the new microphone we had been checking on. During the time the sale was going on, we got the urge to record another EP. Seven new songs in seven days was obtained and the EP finally became the result of "The Melting Body Horror Experience". But we were never satisfied with that either, so we spent a further week for our third EP "A.I.D.S." before we could afford to order the new microphone, which now was used in our second fullenght album "Une Nuit Dans Le Cimetière"

So with this said, we want to thank all of you who stood up for us and ordered our EP so that we were able to complete this. Afterwards we decided to buy another 20 copies of the first EP and there are actually a few copies left in stock. So don't hesitate to buy this unique EP before we release the two remaining slices in the One Month EP-Trilogy Challenge next week: