Sunday, July 10, 2016


Today we released a sudden and unexpected EP which originally wasn't meant to be. When we were finished with "Invasion of the Flesh Hunters" we would begin a third full-lenght album, which we actually did, but after 3-4 songs we came to realize that the songs we recorded didn't have the right feeling for what we wanted it to be. However, we hadn't the nerve to throw the material so we added a few more days and worked up similar songs to bring together what is now happened to be "The Curse of this Observed Melting Phenomena" which has now been completed since 30th June.

Why it wasn't released at that date was because we had no album-cover. So our friend Jennie Murray took the initiative to complete it and we thank her very much for that. It's an amazing work she came up with and we love it.

To continue, the process of the album never stayed still after this EP. We have spent seven days to record additional 10 songs to be released this week, so stay tuned. \m/