Hordes of the Apocalypse was formed on December 3rd, 2015 and consist of Thomas Nyholm and Greigh Johanson. The duo kicked off immediately and started with the debut album "Now They Are Everywhere! There Is No Escape" and completed it in a process of two weeks.

They play a mix of everything that falls in their taste, and so far they've mixed everything from crust punk, hardcore, black metal, death metal, speed metal to boogie woogie, blues rock and jazz, but basically they want to call their genre Thrash Metal with grunts, growls, clean vocals and power metal screams.

The lyrics deal with themes such as cult and horror films, as these guys have in common. But they are working on developing everything in time and try to expand both the genre and its theme to something more different just to avoid nagging their listeners.

All material is very spontaneously performed, and often recorded in one single take. They write and record each song in a time of a few hours process, which has led to the release of three EP-albums between January and February, 2016 through Black Lion Productions.

The most funny part is that nobody knows what is expected for future recordings. There is always a surprise for the listener because of all genres the boys like to playing with.